Dan Slimmon


Professional Experience

Hashicorp: Staff SRE, Production Engineering (Apr–Nov 2023); Senior SRE, Production Engineering (Aug 2022–Apr 2023)
I proposed and founded the Production Engineering team, whose mission was to identify problems in the behavior of production systems and get them fixed before they got worse.
Hashicorp: Senior Site Reliability Engineer, Terraform Platform (2019 - 2022)
My team was responsible for the care and feeding of Terraform Cloud: Hashicorp's first real foray into software-as-a-service. I focused on the design of observable systems and the constant adaptation of our team's procedures and practices.
Etsy: Senior Operations Engineer, Observability Team (2016 - 2019)
As the most senior engineer on a team responsible for the observability of Etsy's systems, I took on a role of technical leadership. While I did implement solutions myself as needed, my focus was on developing the skills of junior engineers, communicating across team boundaries, and ensuring that our team's work was well organized and well planned.
Exosite: Senior Platform Engineer (2013 - 2016)
I joined Exosite, a Minneapolis-based Internet of Things startup, as its first full-time operations engineer. As the company rapidly grew, my responsibilities ranged from software performance analysis to drafting security policy to implementing customer-facing IoT applications. But I was always, first and foremost, an ops engineer.
Blue State Digital: Operations Team Manager (2011 - 2013)
When the manager of Blue State's web operations team left the company, I applied for that job and got it. During my tenure, I shepherded the team through the difficult 2012 elections, ensuring the continuity of donations and grassroots organizing efforts by Obama for America, among other campagins and organizations.
Blue State Digital: Senior Linux Administrator (2007 - 2011)
Fresh out of college and with no professional Linux experience, I dove into the task of organizing the patchwork collection of procedures and scripts that held together the rapidly growing infrastructure of Blue State Digital. I honed my skills quickly, taking immense pride in my work.
Personal Projects


Wesleyan University
B.A. Physics and Mathematics, 2007